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Refund Pre-Requisites • The complete BuzzCard Account Disclosure of Terms & Conditions, including the applicable refund policy, may be reviewed at • The lesser of $35.00 or any remaining account balance will be retained as an account closure fee. • Refunds of a balance in excess of $35.00 may be requested by graduating students, employees or visitors leaving the Institute by submitting a Refund Request Form to the BuzzCard Center. Refund requests shall be processed within ten (10) business days. Please allow additional time for postal service delivery. • Upon Account closure, any balance in the Account remaining after the closure fee will first be applied to any debt the Cardholder owes the Institute. Any balance in the Account less applicable fees and debts owed to the Institute will be returned to Cardholder. Refund Method • Student refunds will be posted to the student’s account after applying any charges due. The Bursar will process a refund to the student’s bank account according to the standard refund calendar. • Non-Student Refunds will be mailed to the address indicated above unless direct deposit information is on-file with Georgia Tech Accounts Payable for prior purposes

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The sponsor is the person who is currently enrolled or employed at Georgia Tech.

The sponsor is the person who is currently enrolled or employed at Georgia Tech.

The sponsor is the person who is currently enrolled or employed at Georgia Tech.

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